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What does it mean to BE MORE MILK?

It’s only ideal that we envision an ideal world inspired by the values of milk... A world so pure, that it has honesty as its very core. A world so authentic, it brings out the best in each one of us. A world where we blend in and comfort each other. A world that is naturally refreshing in its very essence. 8 billion beating hearts looking up to milk and integrating its values into their very lives. In a world where you can be anything, let’s consciously BE MORE MILK.

Life is tough but so are you.

Be Comforting.

When you emulate, you imitate.


If you are the only, you are the lonely.

Blend In.

Get dumped but never dump your self-respect.


Show honesty. Get honesty.

BE Honest.

Life is interesting when you don’t know everything.

BE Pure

I’m a Friday girl in a Monday World.



The world’s strongest dairy brand

It all started with milk back in 1946. A symbol of change and hope, milk became the driving force behind the birth of Amul. To combat exploitation of farmers and provide assurance of quality, Amul, the co -operative was formed. Over the years, Amul has gone on to become India’s largest food product marketing organization. It has greatly contributed to the dynamic dairy industry in India in innovative and effective ways leading to financial gains for dairy farmers.

  • 270Lakh
    litres of milk procured daily
  • 36Lakh
    dairy farmers empowered
  • 1million
    retail outlets
  • 50+